"I’ve told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world.” —Jesus

Battleship Editor Speaking Coach Mentor

The Battleship Whine And Why You Need A Coach

Here’s a guest post from one of my favorite millennials, Emily Gehman. Check out her stuff at! “You sunk my battleship!” (Read that in your whiney voice.) Every year for Thanksgiving or Easter, my parents would invite people for dinner. One particular family came several times, and I would get to play Battleship with their son, who was about ten years… Read more →

Charleston AME Church

Crisis In Charleston, Celebration Eternally

Yes, I am sad, and shocked and disappointed in the tragic killings of nine innocent people by a reckless unstable young man. I won’t point a finger to blame society, school systems, gun laws, social media, his family, friends or upbringing. I won’t even acknowledge such an evildoer by name on my blog; it’s not about him, albeit frightening this… Read more →

Josh Duggar Christians Disappoint

Christians Disappoint: A Response To Josh Duggar

Christians will disappoint us.  Heck, just like everyone on the face of the planet, they are HUMANS. Quite simply, we are all failures, fragile, and freaky. The difference with Christians is they are FORGIVEN. The past few weeks has taken public Christianity family figures—the Duggars—on a severe nosedive. Skepticism resonates through our lives wondering how, and why would God let… Read more →

Millennials: A Refreshing Rendition of Friendship

When it comes to buddies I am choosy. I count my close relationships on my toes. Why the bias toward Millennials? Well, in a word… …Non-judgmental. Sure there are laissez-faires from the Boomers and X-er generations that rank in similar performance but there’s just something so very comfy with millennials. Like your stretched-out, worn-in jeans and cozy, favorite college sweatshirt…they’re… Read more →